13 Jun 2016

mBlog: The UX Conundrum

Let’s face it, us “techies” love buzz words. One of the hot ones these days is “UX”.  Just like its counterparts – agile, lean and MVP – it is also mired in confusion, misconceptions and misuse.  This is a favorite topic of mine as I clearly thrive on the creative, visual and interactive manifestations (in all aspects of my life, but especially in the software development activity).

The point of this mini blog entry is to draw your attention to something I came across recently.  If you have done any iOS development, you may have come across a utility called AppIconTemplate. Through that interaction, I saw a few interesting videos by the founder of the site, Michael Flarup on various topics related to creative aspects.  There is one particular YouTube video  that you should watch (it’s about 26 minutes long and the interesting part as far as this post is concerned is about 12 minutes into the video, where Michael admits to getting hot flashes when he hears the words “UX Specialist”).

Michael Flarup on YouTube

To make the reference more immediate and convenient, I have a very small excerpt that shows that segment (I’d really like you to see most of the video on YouTube to respect Michael’s and YouTube’s rights!).

Just like Michael, I have always professed that “It is dangerous to assign the responsibility of the ‘User Experience’ to a single person/process“.  In this case, It should be clear as to why we insist on every Mobiuso team member to follow the point that Michael has captured very well with his passion and creative flare.

Design shouldn’t be an afterthought!

In addition, please make sure to watch the rest of the video to understand why he calls “non-native mobile development to be dangerous”.

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