07 Sep 2014

Will You 2.0 be M!NE

No, this has nothing to do with the Valentine’s day!  In a recent post, I talked about the personal hackathon session that resulted in the development of ShshDox (read it here).  That inspired our senior team to use that experience to model our first our Weekend Hackathon, under the…

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12 Jun 2014

What the hack (sic)?  You might wonder…   For those of you who are not familiar with the popular TV series “24” (those in the US enjoyed this on Fox).  It is a 24-part show originally featured on the Fox TV  that tackles the major issue (usually terrorism) in…

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12 Dec 2013

Hi there! Though the Mobius strip has only one side, a business’ situation, and hence the solutions, can have many aspects to them. Today, we will walk you through how Mobiuso helped Skyscape Medpresso re-establish themselves on the mobile/web platforms by (re)launching their mobile app and website.   You…

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